Sunday, December 18, 2011


Last May Melissa was purchased and sent to Australia.

Melissa was to be a birthday present for Jen's Mum.

Melissa looks like Jen's Grandmother. (Jen's Mum ~ Mother)

Some time later Jen's Mum brought Melissa and her Mum's dress to Jen
and asked her to cut up her Mum's dress and make a dress for Melissa.

Here are Jen's words :

I agonised over cutting the dress & kept trying to talk Mum out of it. Mum's arguement was the dress was torn, super fragile and would be forgotten for what it was & this way she gets to enjoy it before it is gone. Still not sure if that was the right thing to do, but I hope Mum is chuffed with her Christmas present. And as an unexpected benefit I have a new project for next year trying to make a heirloom dress :)

 the original dress and Melissa

This is Melissa and Jen's Grandmum
wearing the same dress.

Thank you Jen

for sharing this wonderful story of your devotion to family and love of creating.

This story and many others are the reasons my sisters Linda, Ruth and I continue with our love and devotion of creating dolls for young and old alike.

This post is written and copyrighted. In tribute to Jen ~ Her Mum and Her Grandmum.
Jen and her fine creations.
You can see more of her work