Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Four Mermaids

All our Mermaids are handmade of organic cotton and premium eco wool stuffing.

This is our first Mermaid and the largest. 
Her name is Merilan and she is 12 inches long
Her wig is made of boucle mohair and can be styled.   
Her face is hand embroidered and her cheeks are rubbed with rosy beeswax. 

Serila is our sea blue mermaid.   She is 8 inches long and
constructed just like her sister Merilan.

Please meet Gelanda, she is just like her sister Serila and is 8 inches long. 

Tempra is the fourth sister in this mermaid family.   She is 8 inches tall.

And that's our four mermaids!!!
Each mermaid is actually and 8 inch doll with arms and legs and a removable mermaid dress with fin!