Monday, May 28, 2012


This ~ my favorite Little doll.  Will be listed HERE on our jeanlee doll face book page
in an auction comment style BID sale.

She will be listed in the auction BID mode for 12 hours.

(Bidding starts at 9a.m. pacific time on Wed the 30th and runs until 9p.m. Wed the 30th)

At 9p.m. the person with the highest bid and their paypal address listed will be the winner.

I will send the paypal invoice at that time.

Then the winner will have 12 hours to pay the invoice. 
At 9a.m. Thursday If the invoice is unpaid I will notify the next highest bidder
and send their  invoice.

Bids will start at 65.00
Please bid in 2.00 increments.

Thank you so much

Have fun and Good Luck to All